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🕹ī¸Solana Pong

Winner-Take-All PvP P2E Game


Discover Solana Pong! A winner-takes-all PvP P2E game on the Solana blockchain that uses $PONGS as the in-game currency. this re-imagined classic game of pong will be played until one player has lost 10 points or forfeits. Solana Pong will revolutionize the P2E gaming experience by allowing players to set the value of their own gameplay. Players will be paired by the value of their bets, resulting in a game reward of 2x what each player is willing to risk.

Our Vision

Forsol Games will be the first winner-take-all arcade. Exemplified perfectly by Solana Pong, Forsol games will host a collection of skill-based PvP games, in which players will be allowed to set the value of their own gameplay.

We believe the P2E gaming industries potential is endless but being under utilized by games who's reward system is simply not exiting enough. Solana Pong will change that with a AA quality gameplay combined with playable NFT characters, NFT Power-ups, and thrilling high stake battles making for a new and improved take on P2E.

How Betting Works

1 - Player's will be required to connect their Web3 wallet.

2 - Once your wallet is connected, you will be limited to bets under $5 for your first 5 games.

3 - You will be paired with players betting a similar quantity to yours, making the total game pot twice your bet.

4 - The first player to lose all 10 of their lives will lose the game and their bet.

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