Forsol Games

The Pongster Club

Exclusive club of 5,555 Playable NFT's that act as your vip membership to Solana Pong.

What are the Pongsters?

The Pongsters are a VIP membership to the Solana Pong game. Each of the 5,555 Pongsters are completely unique and created from a random combination of over 60 attributes.
Every holder will be rewarded equally, but the overall rarity of your Pongster will define what Power-Up Class you are automatically whitelisted for. This means if your pongster is in the Epic rarity category, you will be automatically whitelisted for every Epic Power-Up NFT drop.
If you do not want to participate in the Minting of your whitelisted NFT Power-Up, your whitelist spot will be converted to the public mint, allowing anyone to purchase a power-up outside of their Pongster's rarity category.

Holder Benefits

The Pongster Club is you chance to be a VIP member of Solana Pong and any future Forsol Games events, updates and promotions.
There will only be 5,555 available NFT's for each of Forsol games' new releases. This is done so that we can guarantee exciting and profitable holder benefits to all of our holders. So what are the Holder Benefits?
  • Passive Income
Holders will earn 10% royalties of all in game earnings from the 3.0% game tax. The rest of the tax will go to improving the Solana Pong ecosystem and the development of additional Forsol Games.
  • NFT Power-Up
These NFT's will provide players an advantage for one point in the match. Once used, power-up NFT's will be burned, progressively lowering their supply and increasing their rarity. Each Pongster Holder will be airdropped one Power-Up and whitelisted for every future NFT Power-Up drop within their rarity category.
  • Beta Access
Solana Pong Beta will be available in Test-Net mode to Pongster holders who will earn rewards for every game played during beta testing.