Distribution & Rarity

How Does Rarity Work?

The sale and distribution of the 5,555 Pongsters will be released in two parts. The initial release of 2,555 Pongsters will be delegated to the whitelisted web3 wallets. The next 3,000 Pongsters will be released in a public mint in march. The distribution of the 60+ Pongster attributes is completely random across the 5,555 Pongsters. Each attribute will have a different rarity distribution depending on the attribute type, all of these attributes combine together to give each Pongster an overall ‘rarity’ value. For example, if a pongster has a few attributes that are considered rare in their own category, the pongster will move up the overall rarity chart. If a pongster has many attributes that are considered rare, that pongster could become rare, epic or even legendary!

Each pongsters’ overall ‘rarity’ value will decide which NFT power-up class they are automatically whitelisted for. In order to purchase NFT power-ups outside of your pongsters’ assigned class holders will have to buy them in public mints. However, due to the limited amount of NFT power-ups released every season the public mint will have a short supply available

How it Works:

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